Mesa/Boogie’s Tiny Rectifier Now Has Tiny Reverb

Mesa/Boogie’s 25 watt lunchbox amp, the Mini Rectifier, has a new reverb model. It’s called the Mini Recto-Verb 25, aptly enough. It’s virtually identical to its dry brother. Two channels. Two EL84 power tubes. Besides the reverb tank, the only difference is the extra $100 price tag, up from the original’s $1000, and a cloth grill by default instead of the gaudy-yet-iconic treadplate design. It’s available as a head, a rackmount head, and a 112 combo.



This is really nitpicking, but do you see the footswitch jack in front, below the input? It’s a single button footswitch to alternate between the clean and dirty channels, just like on the vanilla Mini Rectifier. But the reverb is also footswitchable, via a second 1/4″ jack on the rear panel. I’m assuming this is because making the front jack stereo, to allow for a single two-button footswitch, would have required a more drastic circuit redesign. Maybe the Mini Rectifier and Recto-Verb share a lot of components. Regardless, from a useability standpoint, it’s kind of dumb. But each channel has its own verb setting so I doubt anyone will care.


The Mini Recto-Verb 25 is out now. Check out a few samples in the videos below.

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  • dear god that sounds muddy as all hell

  • Wow, that combo sounds awful… I bet through a proper cab the head sounds great though.

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