MATEUS ASATO And PLINI Team Up For Insane New Single

Prepare to feel bad about your guitar skills, because Mateus Asato and Plini have teamed up for a new single courtesy of Neural DSP! In all seriousness though, it’s incredibly interesting to watch the duo walk everyone through their process and then present the phenomenal end result.


On the collaboration and playing with someone else, Plini offered: “I never played in a band as a kid. I played in my bedroom by myself, then eventually I started a band to play the music I’d written. So I’ve literally written with other people three times. It’s a good learning experience.”

All guitar tones recorded with Archetype: Mateus Asato and Archetype: Plini X. The Quad Cortex in this video is being used as an audio interface only. You can also check out everything Neural DSP has to offer right here.

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