LANEY Gets Loud With New Ironheart Loudpedal

Laney is back with their beefy new Ironheart Loudpedal pedal amp, which packs a full 60W and a two-channel amp into a small package. Or as you’d expect, the pedal is all about taking the crushing tones of the Ironheart amplifiers and bring it into your pedalboard.


The Ironheart Loudpedal pedal amp offers one channel with Clean, Rhythm, and Lead gain levels; and another channel with Bright, Natural and Dark voicings. The Ironheart Loudpedal pedal amp also comes loaded with an FX loop, a speaker-emulated XLR, and is powerful enough to power an entire cabinet. Or just act as a clean boost – whatever you gotta do.

Get one here for $299.99.

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