KIESEL GUITARS Reveals Brand New “SOLO” Singlecut Model

The timing couldn’t be worse as I’ve just maxed out all 6 of my credit cards, but Kiesel announced a brand new model last Thursday. Dubbed the “Solo,” this fresh T-type guitar can be configured as a multiscale or regular, and with 6, 7, or too many strings.


See what they have to say about the 6-string version of this mojostick:

The new Kiesel Solo Classic S6 guitar is much more than just another take on a classic design. The S6 is modeled on the popular TL60, with similar aesthetics and sleek, stylish design cues in a 24-fret, 25.5″ scale bolt-on neck configuration. Our easy-access neck joint with recessed ferrules, dual Kiesel Lithium humbucker pickups and dual carbon-fiber neck rods elevate the S6 to the ranks of elite instruments…the Solo S6 ideal for guitarists that want a 24-fret fingerboard, but prefer the design of a bolt-neck instrument.

I’m actually not kidding when I say the Solo skyrocketed to the top of my “Want” list. Just look at these damn things:

Multiscale SM6 and SM7. I ain’t even a multiscale guy, but these are just too right.

If you’re curious about a look at the specs on the standard-scale S6 Classic, take a peek below. Of course, Kiesel offers a wide range of customizable options. Loads of different woods and finishes, choices between hardtail or trem, just about whatever fretboard radius your heart could desire…the list goes on.

  Here’s another visual for good measure:

Non-multiscale 7 and 6. Need.

Yep, these things officially rule. For more info and complete specs on any of the Solo models, check this out. Happy future NGD!

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