KHDK Launches Big, Hard New Dickstortion Pedal, “My Big Fatt Rawk”

KHDK initially launched their dickstortion pedal My Big Fatt Rawk on April 1, leading everyone to believe it was just some Photoshop fun. Turns out KHDK takes their dickstortion very seriously and do not appreciate you joking about it, as the My Big Fatt Rawk is available now.


So what the hell is My Big Fatt Rawk? It’s a dickstortion pedal that combines solid-state and MOSFET technology for some seriously hard tones. KHDK also points out that the “circuit also holds a treble booster for an all-night performance with zero toner-boner dysfunction” and that… I mean, look. It’s a distortion pedal that has a penis rawn on it and it sounds good. You’re either on board with this one or you’re not at this point.

The My Big Fat Rawk may have been created by of Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and Brian Posehn, though that still remains unclear. Seriously, was this just a joke initially until KHDK said “fuck it, we could probably this for real”? I need answers.

Penetrate your tone with My Big Fatt Rawk here for $229.99.

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