KEMPER Adds Double Tracker to Profiler With New Update

Kemper has been adding some pretty cool features here and there to their Profiler via a series of updates. This time around, they’re giving players a brand new option called the Double Tracker.


The Double Tracker does basically what you’d expect it to do – split a mono signal into a stereo “double-tracked” signal in real-time, effectively giving you the same sound as if two guitarists were playing at once. Kemper achieves the double tracker effect through a time-stretching algorithm and slight timber altercations to give you the closest thing possible to two “different” performances.

The Double Tracker offers three settings: Looseness, for how tight the timing is between the two tracks; Detune, for tuning cohesion between the two; and Stereo, for setting your stereo image.

Download the update here, and check out all that Kemper has to offer here.