JHS PEDALS Unveil the Bonsai: 9 Tube Screamers in One


Nothing says guitar pedals like a good old Tube Screamer. Few other pedals out there come close to legacy that the thing has. And there has been so many copies and mods of the original, there are a lot of different variants of the sound to choose from! Enter JHS Pedals noticed this little anomaly, and decided to do something about it, and thus the Bonsai Tube Screamer was born.

This thing has all of the Tube Screaming vets you could ever ask for. Here for the party include, the OD-1, TS 808, the TS-9, the MSL, the TS-10, Exar OD-1, the TS-7, the Keeley Mod Plus, and JHS’s own Strong Mod. Whew. What a spoonful. Well, the Bonsai here helps you sweep through all of those different Tube Screameries fluidly so you can find the best tone for your buck.

Reverb also published a fun little read on their website that you can find here. If you want one of these for your bad self, JHS currently has them for a pretty sweet $229, and a whole mess of videos to show off what it can do that you can find right HERE.

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