Janice Cabs Throws Their Finely Craften Wooden Hat into the Boutique Cabinet Ring

Since the Emperor Cabinets website is down and they don’t seem to be taking orders, you may be wondering where to get your fix of hand-made, boutique, pretty ass wooden cabinets. We covered one such option a week ago in a post about Timbercraft cabinets, but let me throw another one at you.


Janice Cabs are a relatively new (since 2010) builder out of Indiana. I was immediately nodding in approval of their 612 guitar and bass cabinets, because I sure do love me a 612. Of course they also stock your usual 212 and 412 guitar cabs and 410, 810, etc for bass. And then the real eye-catcher is a bass cab with four 12″ speakers and one 6″ speaker, along with two ports. Check out the video below and head to Janice Cabs website in the link above.

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  • this is so awesome, Janice Cabs are the ish, shiznit!

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