ILLYRIAN Goes Mobile For “Age of Fire” Drum Playthrough

Illyrian will release their new EP Aegis on October 15. Drummer Darren May is here to show you how to play the single “Age Of Fire” on drums, while also being carted around and eventually playing in a field. Neither of those are requirements to play the song.


Pre-orders for Aegis are available here.

“Pushing my limits has always been my primary motive for playing extreme metal,” said May. “If I’m not on the edge of what I can play then I feel like I’m not giving it my all. This helps me focus and progress further. Hey, 3 years ago I could barely play double kicks.”

May uses the following gear:

  • Tama Maple Starclassic 10″, 12″ toms, 16″ floor, and two 22″ kick drums
  • Evans EC 2 clears on top, Evans G2 coated as the resonant head, and Evans hybrid on snare.
  • Tama Starphonic brass 14”X 5.5” snare drum
  • Trick Pro1v big foot pedals with onboard Trick laser triggers.
  • Roland TM2 trigger module
  • Sabian AAX cymbals 16″ & 18″ China, 16″ and 18″ explosion crashes, 10″ splash, 10″ Kang stacked on a broken splash, 13″ Paragon hi-hats, 22″ Power bell ride, and 14″ Meinl byzance hi-hats
  • Vic Firth 5AN extreme drumsticks

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