Here’s the Drums to Megadeth’s “Holy Wars” in the Nude

Last week we covered Sick Drummer’s new “Isolating The Throne” feature in which they share just the raw drum tracks to a song du jour. How is this different than the drum tracks you can already find on YouTube that were maybe ripped from Rock Band or whatnot? Well those mixes are.. um, mixed, so to speak. Even if they’re not the exact album drum tones, they’re compressed and eq’d roughly to match. Isolating The Throne, on the other hand, gives you raw tones with lots of room sound, plus no triggers or quantization, so you can really hear the drummer’s performance for what it is.


I won’t continue to mention every new instance of this feature since you can just go to Sick Drummer for that, but when something particularly cool pops up then I’ll keep you in the loop. And I’d say Nick Menza‘s tracks from the quintessential song from Megadeth’s quintessential thrash record certainly qualifies. So here’s “Holy Wars,” from Rust In Peace. And again, as a nice bonus there’s a breakdown of the gear used during the recording session. I’ve included it below the embedded video.

(2) 24″ Noble & Cooley kicks
14″ Ludwig Black Beauty Snare (used on 6 or 7 of the tracks)
14″ ProDrum Custom Brass Snare (rest of the tracks )
10″,12″ ,14″, 16″ , 18″ Gretsch Rosewood Toms
24″ Zildjian Megabell Ride
(2) 18″, (2) 19″, (2) 20″ Zildjian Z Crashes

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  • Nick Menzxa needs to be back in megadeth, their current hired hand bores the hell out of me.

    • Yeah, because Nick is such an amaaaazing drummer, right? I lost all respect for him after reading an interview years ago where he says he pretty much refuses to do much double bass or fast playing because he doesn’t want fucking arthritis when he is old. Dude, he is barely a step above Lars’ playing…anyone who can kinda play drums can play like Nick.

      • A trained Monkey could be a step above Lars.

        • trained?

          • Ok your right. Trained would make the monkey too advanced.

      • as far i do remeber…is like that..Nick had operation of his knee…so when he was called back to Megadeth…Dave sayd to are not ready to be apart of Megadeth Nick left…and not long ago…Dave didnt wanna even talk to Nick..he has been avoiding to Nick…Nick spoke to David Ellefson, and other members of Megadeth…but not with Dave…and believe me..i love Megadeth very much….but some thing we will never change…I love music from Dave…he is one of the most influential guitarist 80’s till present time…

    • He was called back by Dave some time, i can’t quite remember when, i think after megadeth got back together, dave said he wasn’t nearly as good though

  • I enjoy listening to these isolated drumt racks WAY more than the whole supercollider album.

    • That’s because THIS album was way better lol I’m with you.

  • This actually sounds better than the mixed version. Especially the kick drum!

  • I don’t know he kind of sound’s like lars with a better kick drum lol. He’s not that amazing. He literally plays the same exact thing for like the first two minutes of the song. Never noticed until I heard the regular drum tracks.

    • I mean thats what the drums are supposed to do, keep count. He’s a WAYYYYY better drummer than Lars could ever be. Did you hear the rest of this album? Yeah, thought so.

  • Listening to this minus EQ/compression/etc. is fucking humbling. I would kill to be able to mic up a kit and capture the sound this well. Some of that is budget and equipment, but even discounting that, my own drum recordings sound like a boombox recording someone hitting a trash can with a broom handle compared to this.

  • This is not the isolated drum track from Rust in Peace. This is an used drum track from when he played at the cymbal company soultone a few years back.

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