Henretta’s “No Knob” Pedals, or, “Everything Must Get Smaller!!!”

Okay I get it, small portable gear is the new wave, the way of the future. Half of my posts are about new digital simulators or shit that fits on a pedalboard or whatnot, but now I think these companies are just fucking with me.


Upstart pedal company Henretta Engineering has released a line of pedals… with no knobs. They’re as small as you can make a pedal. Hell, the on/off button barely fits on there. These things are ideal if you fly to a lot of gigs, or if you like to get really fucking angry that you can’t change your distortion volume.

To be fair, there are internal trim pots if you want to adjust things, but you won’t be tweaking levels, gain, or equaliztion at sound check, which is pretty crucial on a distortion pedal. No one needs a board so small that an MXR-sized stompbox is out of the question for their core tone.

Yet, a counterpoint: if the tracking is decent I’d buy the shit out of that octave up pedal. And maybe I could find room for the (not coincidentally green) overdrive as a Tube Screamer-esque boost in front of an amp’s dirty channel. And the tiny Orange Squeezer clone has my interest piqued….

Source: Premier Guitar

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