Godlyke Makes Pedals Small Enough to Fit in the Center of a Doughnut

Godlyke, best known as the company that manufactures Maxon and Hao pedals, also has another more obscure stompbox branch: TWA, which stands for Totally Wycked…. sorry, my hand was twitcing in anger for that spelling. It stands for Totally Wycked Audio. TWA have just released a new line called Fly-Boys, because there wasn’t already enough brand confusion with TWA the airline.


Still, I can get behind the idea of super thin pedals, smaller than MXR size. I can’t help be bummed that the delay doesn’t have tap, but I suppose that at this price, and at this size, it may not have been practical. The metal pedal, well, it doesn’t sound like you’d really want to play metal with it unless you’re in Accept or Venom. I’d rather go for something very slightly larger that would get the job done into a clean channel in a pinch, like an M.I. Effects Crunch Box or Tone Freak Abunai. But the overdrive doesn’t sound bad. It might be useful in front of an already distorted amp, if your pedalboard has space issues and no room for a Tube Screamer.

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