GIBSON And HERITAGE Cease Lawsuits Against Each Other

Gibson and Heritage has stopped their lawsuits against once another and have reached an undisclosed agreemet. Heritage originally filed a lawsuit against Gibson in 2020 claiming that Gibson attempted to re-write their history and “blatantly breach a good faith contract.” Heritage then added an antitrust component to their suit in 2021, while Gibson responded to the suits as they surfaced.


Now Gibson has revealed they’ve reached an agreement with Heritage.

“For 130 years, Gibson has invested in innovation and been at the forefront of guitar development and evolution. As the matter is now resolved, Gibson can move forward and focus on innovation with confidence. These investments and innovations are at the center of Gibson and are protected under intellectual property rights, commonly referred to as IP”.

“Gibson’s unique designs are registered and trademarked shapes that are the exclusive property of Gibson.”

CEO of Heritage Guitars and Caldecott Music Group Meng Ru Kuok added: “We are delighted that matters have been resolved and we can now focus on what really matters – carrying on the tradition of guitar craftsmanship and excellence at 225 Parsons Street [Heritage’s factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan].

“We are even more invigorated and committed to continuing to build the world’s finest American-made musical instruments for our community of artists and fans around the world.”

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