FRIEDMAN Throws It Back To 1968 With Their New PLEX Amp

Friedman is back with their new PLEX, which might sound familiar to some folks who’ve taken a deep dive into the world of amplifiers.


The PLEX is a “verbatim sonic-twin” of Dave Friedman’s all-time favorite amplifier – the ’68 JMP. The PLEX is a 50-watt, 2-channel, EL34-driven design and is the first model in the Friedman Vintage Collection – a series of unique amp designs based on the classic amplifiers that influenced and shaped Dave’s Friedman tonal signature.

The PLEX features internal channel jumpering, which lets you easily blend the Lead and Normal channels to perfection with the turn of a control knob. There’s also the master volume control, which lets you bring the amp back to manageable levels without sacrificing the tone or dynamic feel.

The PLEX offers Lead and Normal channels, each equipped with their own Volume controls, plus a vintage-style tone stack comprising of Presence, Bass, Middle and Treble controls. This tone stack and the inclusion of Hi and Low instrument inputs allows you to sculpt a wide range of sounds and gain levels.

Get it here for $2,799.99.

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