FRIEDMAN Makes an Affordable, Lightweight, Mini Amp Head Now

Turns out the rumors were true – Friedman has created a mini amp head for an extremely affordably price (especially compared to other Friedman gear). Enter the Friedman BE-Mini 30-Watt Head.


The Friedman BE-Mini clocks in at a featherweight four pounds and brings tone inspired by the BE-100 amplifier and BE-OD overdrive pedal. The BE-Mini offer Volume, Gain, Presence, and 3-band EQ options; Cut and Tight switches to fine-tune your tone for any application; dual speaker outputs for whatever combination of speaker cabinets you prefer; and a series effects loop to help your delay and reverb effects pedals sound their best. Did I mention it’s only four pounds too? Because it’s only four pounds. Think of how much you’re not going to break your back carrying this thing!

Oh, and here’s where it gets even better. The Friedman BE-Mini 30-Watt Head is available now for $329.99. No, there isn’t a comma or an extra zero missing from that price. You can straight up own a Friedman for less than $500 right here.

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