FLOWER PEDALS Drops MIDI-Controlled Sunflower Deluxe Tremolo

Flower Pedals has rolled out their brand new Sunflower Deluxe Tremolo pedal. The pedal is a digitally-controlled tremolo pedal with a fully analog signal path complete with preset and MIDI capabilities. And if you’re familiar with the company prior to this effort, they’re calling it a “a Dandelion Tremolo on steroids.”


The Sunflower Deluxe Tremolo offers standard controls such as Boost, Depth, Speed, Tap Division, and Shape as well as a Width control that allows you to control the time difference between the treble and bass harmonic tremolos. As an added bonus, the pedal allows you to have your tremolos out of sync and the place that difference at any point in between for a unique sound. There’s also the Shape knob to choose up to eight different waveforms, and a choice of three ramping modes:

  • Momentary, which is the standard ramping where you can ramp to a second speed by holding down the Tap/Ramp footswitch and ramp back to the original speed by releasing it.
  • Latch, which is the same except that you only need to tap the footswitch to trigger the ramp to the other speed.
  • Drift, which will take your primary speed and drift it up and down at a depth and speed of your choosing.

Get one here for $349.

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