FLAMMA INNOVATION’s FS07 is a Super Affordable Cab IR Pedal

Flamma Innovation has just released their first Cab Simulation pedal, the FS07. The FS07 retails for $88, making it arguably one of the cheapest Cab IRs out there right now.


The FS07 offers seven user preset slots that can store two different cabinet simulation settings each, 11 factory cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files, mono and stereo setup options, and the possibility of including a footswitch. The FS07 also comes with specialized editor software for quick management of your presets.

As far as knobs go, the FS07 offers volume and type for IR selection, low cut, high cut, and latency. You can grab an FS07 here for again – $88. Might as well give it a shot, right?