Five Fuzz and Boost Pedals You Might’ve Missed in 2021

Maybe you’re not in the mood for speaker-destroying distortion (or your Sleep worship band doesn’t need it). In that case, here are some excellent fuzz and boost pedals well worth your time.


Boss FZ-1W

The Boss FZ-1W is the result of exploring and analyzing vintage fuzz pedals during the production of the limited-run TB-2W Tone Bender, and is a modern interpretation of vintage fuzz using top-quality silicon transistors and offering higher gain, lower noise, deeper tone-shaping control, and more. The Boss FZ-1W is controlled by Level, Fuzz, and Tone knobs, as well as a Vintage/Modern switch for players to decide what type of fuzz they’re after.

The Boss FZ-1W is available here for $199.99.

EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas

The EarthQuaker Hizumitas is a straightforward fuzz pedal modeled after the Elk Sustainar, the Japanese variant of the more well-known “Triangle” BMP, used by Wata. The EarthQuaker Hizumitas is controlled by Volume, Sustain, and Tone knobs and brings what EarthQuaker rightfully describes as “loads of heavy distortion and smooth sustain with an underlying grit.”

The EarthQuaker Hizumitas is available here for $149.

Jackson Audio FUZZ

The Jackson Audio FUZZ is unique in that it’s quite literally a handful of pedals in one. The Jackson Audio FUZZ offers the option to swap out the analog plug-ins within the pedal to choose your fuzz tones, with everything from vintage tones to searing modern fuzz. Plus with an Octave option, you can get even chunkier tones than normal.

The Jackson Audio FUZZ is available here for $279.

Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost

The Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost is a valve-based boost pedal that offers a passive James-Baxandall EQ and built-in buffer and line driver. So whether you’re looking to add a little warmth to your tone or push your amplifier to the limit, the Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost is here for you.

The Blackstar Dept. 10 Boost is available here for $219.99.

Red Witch Omnia

The Red Witch Omnia offers a sparkling clean boost in a pedal that’s almost comically small. The Red Witch Omnia uses a hand-selected NOS germanium transistor that’ll transform pretty much any amplifier into a glorious, dynamic tone machine.

The Red Witch Omnia is available here for $149.

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