FISHMAN Releases New MICK THOMSON Signature Series Pickup Set

After joining the Fluence artist roster last year, Fishman has finally announced the release of the Fluence Mick Thomson Signature Series pickup set. So maybe start learning the riff to “Wait And Bleed” now.


The first voice in the bridge pickup is Mick’s signature tight, active bridge humbucker tone, while Voice 2 delivers a refined hot and punchy passive humbucker sound. A glassy, crystal-clear single coil tone is the third voice giving the bridge pickup three distinct but musically complimentary voices.

The neck pickup features a Voice 1 that’s thick and fluid, and a Voice 2 that offers sweet “vintage plus” passive humbucker tone with added low mid punch. Like the bridge humbucker, the neck pickup incorporates a third voice that puts out vintage, but quiet, single coil neck tone.

“My pickups were tuned in a studio and then tested on the road and then tuned a little bit more. The end result being both musical and face melting,” said Mick Thomson. “Extra attention was given to the low mids to keep it big but tight. Voiced to cut through a mix but never be shrill. Just could not be happier with how they turned out.”

The pickups are available as a 6-string set and come in a matte black nickel finish, personally chosen by Mick. Get ’em here for $289.95.

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