Fishman Introduces New AFX Mini Pedals For Acoustic Players

Fishman has introduced their new line of AFX Mini acoustic effect pedals. According to Fishman, the AFX Mini pedals are specifically designed for acoustic resonances as not to muddy up your sound, and are added alongside the player’s tone – not on top of it.


The pedals are:

  • The AFX Pro EQ Mini, which offers quality preamplification and equalization voiced specifically for acoustic instruments.
  • The AFX Broken Record, which packs high-quality audio looping and sampling into a tiny stompbox. It features intuitive one-button operation, endless overdub capability, and offers easy transfer to a computer.
  • The AFX AcoustiVerb, which combines tasteful reverb with Fishman’s unique blending and voicing architecture. Three quality reverbs – Hall, Plate, Spring – are blended in parallel with the direct sound while preserving the player’s acoustic tone.
  • The AFX Pocket Blender, which is a level-adjustable A/B pedal and features a built-in DI output with ground-lift. This is the classic Pocket Blender in a small footprint.

All four are available here for $119.95, with the exception of the Blender Mini, which is available for $89.95.

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