FINAL SURRENDER: Drummer Jared Sandhy Dives Deep In This Exclusive Playthrough of “Fallen Identities”

Hailing all the way from Bangalore, India, progressive metalcore act Final Surrender recently released their latest single “Fallen Identities”, which absolutely smashes. A beautiful blend of techy riffs, melodic passages, and snappy production, this track is sure to get you pumped and then some, and now drummer Jared Sandhy is here with us for an exclusive drum playthrough! Technical, effortless drumming with the energy of a punk or hardcore tune, Sandhy glides through this demanding track with focus and ease — all wrapped up in an absolutely entrancing blue glow!


As for the gear, here’s what Sandhy is rocking:

  • DDrum USA Kits
  • Custom Hammer DDrum Brass Snare
  • Soultone Cymbals
  • Pro-mark Sticks by Daddario
  • Demon Drive – Direct link pedals
  • Extreme 22” Ride
  • Custom Brilliant 19” Crash
  • Extreme 17” Crash
  • EXO FX 12” Splash
  • Gospel Series 14” Hi-Hats
  • Extreme Series 18” China Crash
  • Stacked with Agop Series Istanbul 16” China

In addition to Final Surrender, Sandhy also performs alongside acts such as Rusty Cooley, Day of Reckoning, and Mute the Saint, among many others, so be sure to check out those projects as well to get even more proggy drumming in your life. You can follow Final Surrender on Facebook and Instagram, and follow Sandhy on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well — what are you waiting for?

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