EVH Introduces New 5150 Guitar Finishes

EVH has rolled out two slight variations on their 5150 Standard and 5150 Deluxe. The 5150 Standard is now available in a Slime Green finish, while the 5150 Deluxe now offers a Quilt Maple top with a Purple Daze finish.


Both the 5150 Standard and 5150 Deluxe come equipped with EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 pickups, a three-way toggle switch on the upper bout and killswitch on the lower bout, EVH-branded top-mount Floyd Rose bridge, and a patented EVH D-Tuna for switching back and forth from drop-D to standard tuning. The 5150 Standard is available here for $1,099, while the 5150 Deluxe is available here for $1,299.

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