EMG Drops New Retro Active JMaster Pickups

EMG is here to make your Jazzmaster a little more metal thanks to their EMG JMaster Pickup.


The EMG JMaster Pickup is a part of EMG’s Retro Active lineup and features Alnico 5 rods and wide stacked coils, all pre-installed in a pickguard. So it really couldn’t be any easier to install the entire set than it already is. Unless you don’t know how to use a screwdriver.

The EMG JMaster Pickup offers a master EQ controls, SPC Control for an extra mid-boost, EXG Control for a low and high boost, and a switch to give a nice clean boost across the full frequency spectrum.

Get the individual pickups here, sans pickguard, starting at $229. The pickguard version is available here starting at $379.

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