EARTHQUAKER & DEATH BY AUDIO Reissue Their Time Shadows Pedal

Remember when EarthQuaker Devices and Death By Audio issued their Time Shadows Subharmonic Multi-Delay Resonator pedal in 2020? Well it’s back!


The Time Shadows Subharmonic Multi-Delay Resonator II offers two sides – on the right it’s all Oliver Ackermann from Death By Audio design, on the left it’s EarthQuaker Devices’ Jamie Stillman, and the middle is a little of both.

The Time Shadows II also offers user assignable expression control, six presets slots to save and recall your favorite settings, and an EQD Mode that brings an envelope controlled sub-octave filter delay. There’s also the !¡ Mode, which is a dual delay where each repeat simultaneously shifts up and down with each regeneration, and the DBA Mode which is a multi-delay regenerating filter.

Get the EarthQuaker Devices Time Shadows II here for $199.

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