DREAM THEATER’s John Petrucci Has His Own Neural DSP Plugin Now

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci is the latest metal musician to team up with Neural DSP Archetype for a signature line of plugins.


The brand new Archetype: Petrucci offers a signature Compressor and Wah Pedal, as well as a handful of effects like Overdrive, Phaser/Vibe, Chorus, and Flanger. There are also three rack-mounted post-effects including Stereo Chorus, Stereo Delay, and Reverb.

Then there are the four amplifiers to really nail down that Petrucci tone. They are the Piezo amplifier, perfect for piezo pickups and single coils; Clean, for all those sparkly Petrucci clean tones; Rhythm, which adds a little bite and is controlled by the Tight, Bite, and Bass knobs; and the Lead, so you can finally nail down the solo from “The Glass Prison.”

The Archetype: Petrucci also offers six virtual microphones, a new room mic section that gives you two new microphones with an adjustable level and distance, both a pitch shifter and doubler, and the ability to load your own impulse responses. The Archetype: Petrucci, much like the other signature packs from Neural DSP, can be run as a standalone app.

The Archetype: Petrucci is available here for €149.