DEAN GUITARS: Dimebag Guitar Designer’s Case Thrown Out of Court

Surprised by the title of this article? Yeah, I was too.

Just for fun, here’s a close up look of the guitar in discussion from NAMM a few years ago

Apparently just before his untimely death in 2004 Dimebag Darrell signed a royalty endorsement contract with Dean Guitars. Since that time Dean has been selling reissues of Darrell’s “Dean from Hell” guitar without paying royalties to the original designer of the iconic blue lightning bolt guitar, Buddy “Blaze” Webster. Basically, to make a long story short, the courts decided that he waited way too long to deal with this and they threw the case out.

Heres what information we have from the source:

“In an 18-page opinion, the 11th Circuit on Thursday agreed with the federal court that Webster’s claim for copyright ownership accrued as early as December 2004 or as late as April 2007, when he knew that his ownership rights over the lightning storm graphic were being violated by Dean Guitars’ reissue sales… The unanimous panel ruled that the period in which Webster could have sued expired ‘years before’ he filed his federal lawsuit in 2017.”

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