Dave Grohl’s HBO Series Has a Trailer, And Yes, Pharrell Is In It

We’re approaching the release of Dave Grohl and Roswell Films’ HBO series, Sonic Highways, which documents the recording of the Foo Fighters’ album of the same name in eight studios across America. I’m pretty excited for this. Grohl’s documentary about the recording studio Sound City, although tough to watch towards the end, was really one of the better films made about rock n’ roll this decade… and certainly a step up from the Behind the Music-style crap that we endured in the 90’s. Even if you think Grohl is too friendly for rock n’ roll, he’s got the right friends, and he is the right kind of friendly that gets people to tell their stories. That’s not so common, in rock n’ roll or otherwise. It’s also not so common to get such intimate looks into studios like Electrical Audio. That episode in particular will surely be worth. This will be a special series.


Even if you can’t stand the Foo Fighters – which is fine, although I recommend you give their last album, Wasting Light, at least one listen – judging by the trailer, the recording of the new Foo Fighters album looks to be a stepping stone to exploring the roots of American music. In this sneak peek alone, we learn that in addition to the Foos and producer Butch Vig, we’ll be hearing from Steve Albini, Buddy Guy, Rick Nielsen, Trouble Funk, Willie Nelson, Macklemore, Pharell, ZZ Top, Ian MacKaye… and, President Obama.

Grohl calls the series a “love letter to the history of American music.” You can’t go wrong with that kind of ethos.

The first episode airs Friday, October 17th. Meanwhile, the new Foos record drops on November 10th.

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