DAMNATION AUDIO Brings The Sludgy, Disgusting Bass Tones With Their Curmudgeon 2 Pedal

If you’re in the market for the sludgiest, most disgusting bass tone to round out your Bongzilla-influenced band, then you’re in luck. Damnation Audio just rolled out their Curmudgeon 2 pedal and it provides that exact amount of grime.


The Curmudgeon 2 is a solid state power amp distortion that takes your incoming signal and combined it with a simulated power amp for the grosses damn tone you’ve ever heard. According to Damnation Audio, the simulated power amp features parallel stages that are mixed and loaded down to really provide that suffocation, crushing tone that’s going to get everyone high after one single note. Or just straight up level their entire skull into their shoulders. Definitely one of those two things.

The Curmudgeon 2 offers gain, level, tone, and depth controls, and is available now for $219.

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