COPPER SOUND PEDALS Breaks Out New Two Channel Preamp

Coppersound Pedals has taken a buzzsaw to a Stratocaster and came up with the Strategy V2 two-channel preamp and overdrive. I mean, not literally but that’s what it looks like. The Strategy V2 is based on an audiophile-grade Burr Brown Op Amp that offers both Preamp Mode and Overdrive Mode.


In Preamp Mode, the Strategy V2 brings a 30dB boost for better overdrive articulation. In Overdrive Mode, the Strategy V2 adds a little more grit to your tone that stacks well with other effects for some serious tone sculpting. More importantly, the Strategy V2 comes in a variety of finishes, pickguards, knobs, and hardware. No word on how many Strats were harmed in the making of these pedals.

Grab one here for $279.