COG EFFECTS Releases 3 New Analog Octave Pedals

Cog Effects is a Sheffield, UK-based company building pedals both stock and custom for guitarists and bassists alike. After having built the world’s smallest analog octave pedal, they recently quadrupled their octave pedal family to have 4 different models, each with more features than the last – the T-47, T-65, and T-70.


Here’s the info on the pedals from the company:

Despite already building the smallest analogue octave pedal in the world, Cog Effects aren’t resting on their laurels and have expanded their current line-up to include four octave pedals with the brand new T-47 and T-70, and the upgraded and updated T-65.

The new T-47 is a two-channel octave pedal, with level controls for clean signal and one octave down, as well as an adjustable Filter control on each channel to shape the tone of the octave down signal. With one footswitch to engage and bypass the pedal and a second footswitch to swap between the two octave channels, the T-47 provides incredible versatility and tone.


The updated T-65 retains the interface of the original T-65, with level controls for clean signal, octave down, octave up, and the parallel effects loop, plus the adjustable Filter control on the octave down. The parallel effects loop allows you to mix in any effects with your octave and clean signals to create new sounds and textures.


The upgrades to the T-65 allow more seamless integration into a pedalboard than the original model: The TRS send/return jack of the original has been replaced with individual send and return jacks to allow the use of standard patch cables, and the new Mode footswitch lets you select either clean signal or the effects loop when the T-65 is bypassed, meaning any pedal in the T-65 effects loop is still fully accessible even when the T-65 is bypassed.



The brand new T-70 is the largest and most ambitious pedal from Cog Effects to date. Featuring two complete and independent T-65 channels and a third sub-only channel, the T-70 gives a huge range of octave tones and blending solutions in an enclosure only two inches wider than a T-65. The Bypass Mode toggle switch lets you select your bypass sound as either clean signal or your effects loop, allowing full access to the pedals in the effects loop even when the T-70 is bypassed.
Each T-47, T-65 and T-70 is built one at a time in Sheffield, UK, and features north-mounted jacks to minimise pedalboard footprint. The pedals retail at £160 for the T-47, £170 for the T-65, and £220 for the T-70

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