CHASE BLISS Gets Glitchy With New Lossy Pedal

Chase Bliss is back with yet another in-depth, pretty wild pedal. Chase Bliss has just introduced their new Lossy pedal, which captures the special kind of digital degradation that happens to audio when it’s moved around and compressed. It’s like having Kazaa in a pedal, but without the computer viruses. Hopefully.


The Lossy pedal allows you to introduce sparkling artifacts, errors, and spectral resonance to sound alongside a unique freeze that can evolve over time. Then there’s the option to utilize a routable reverb to soften or feed the loss, or quite literally deconstruct your sound in real-time.

To get a little more granular, the Lossy pedal offers three different kinds of loss, each with a distinct response and sound: Submerged sparkles, feathery plunks, shifting digital clouds, and much, much more. There’s also the Packets toggle which allows you to simulate a bad connection with the Packet Loss option, or use Packet Repeat for glitches and transfer errors.

Check out a demo below and get one here for $399.

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