CATALINBREAD Goes Minimal With New Elements Pedals

Sometimes you don’t wanna have to think too hard about getting a good sound, you know? That’s where Catalinbread’s new Elements pedal series comes in. Each one of their new pedals – Catalinbread Elements Distortion, Catalinbread Elements Fuzz, and Catalinbread Elements Overdrive – feature one simple knob and a footswitch to turn ’em on and off. That’s it.


“Don’t be fooled by the simplicity; each circuit was designed and internally set to the sweet spot so you only have to worry about the volume level, just bring your amp and guitar,” said Catalinbread of the pedals. “Each Elements pedal is designed to work with a variety of amps of all costs and wattages, ensuring compatibility with whatever you’re rocking.

“Like the rest of our pedals, each Elements device is hand-built right here in our shop using the same high-quality through-hole parts as everything else. Whether you’ve been playing for three months or thirty years, the Elements was designed for those that care about tone and don’t care to read an entire manual to get the show on the road.”

Check ’em out below and get ’em here for $150 each.

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