Can EZBass Keep Up With My Riffs?

Toontrack recently unleashed their wild new product upon the music world, EZBass, which is a tool for creating bass parts, sounds, performances – all the things that a bass player can do, in a single plugin, with 2 different elaborately sampled bass guitars (Vintage and Modern).


The plugin features a host of ways in which you can coax a bassline out of it, but my favorite so far (and I think, the most impressive) is the Tracker tab, where you can play a guitar part into it in realtime (or drop one in that’s already been recorded) and it will spit out very accurate bass MIDI with all kinds of different articulations and the like, and within minutes you can have a killer bass part from what you played into it.

Like I said – wild. But I wanted to push it a bit, and see if it could keep up with some crazy shit that I played into it, so I played some increasingly difficult and faster parts into it – you can see the results in the above video.

EZBass is available now direct from Toontrack for $179.

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