BOSS Unveils New ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects

BOSS has announced the ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects to their already impressive lineup for 2023. The ME-90 offers exceptional audio quality with 24-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating point processing, a flagship-grade AIRD amp models, IR loading, an effects loop, and 36 preset patches with an additional 36 user patches for storing personalized setups.


The ME-90 brings seven different categories of BOSS effects with it, all derived from the flagship GT-1000, with 60 effect types in total and access to over 20 more via BOSS Tone Studio. Then there are amp models also ported from the GT-1000, with 11 onboard amp types and more available in the BOSS Tone Studio.

A send/return loop is available for external pedals, complete with the ability to save the on/off status in patches and place the loop before or after amp models in the signal chain. And finally, the ME-90 features eight footswitches and an expression pedal with an integrated toe switch. The ME-90 supports the optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor.

The BOSS ME-90 is available now for $349.99.

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