BOSS Releases First Noise Suppressor Pedal Since 1987

Boss is finally rolling out a new noise suppressor pedal nearly 40 years after their first endeavor.


The Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor is powered by BOSS MDP technology, which effectively silences unwanted noise without affecting your tone. The Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor offers Threshold, Decay, and Damp knobs, as well as a reduction mode for general noise suppression applications.

There’s also a gate mode for ultra-fast noise elimination, as well as a mute mode for silencing the instrument signal when the pedal switch is engaged. The Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor offers a reduction indicator that displays the current noise suppression status as well, just so you know what’s going on.

Get the Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor here for $199.99.

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