BOSS Announces New Serial GK System And GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer

Boss is back with their brand new Serial GK system and the GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer. The GM-800 is driven by an advanced ZEN-Core engine and features the newly-developed Serial GK digital interface, which also includes access to the growing selection of ZEN-Core content on Roland Cloud.


Much like the Jupiter-X and Fantom keyboards, the GM-800 combines modern PCM synthesis and advanced modeling to provide over 1,200 tones including pianos, organs, and orchestral instruments found on Roland synth sounds like the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and many others. The GM-800 features an intuitive workflow based around Scenes, which contain four tone parts, a rhythm part, and a vast selection of synthesis parameters, effects, pitch settings, and sensitivity adjustments. Users can layer tones or assign tones to specific fret ranges.

There are four assignable footswitches, plus two external control jacks that each support up to two footswitches or an expression pedal. MIDI I/O is also included for interfacing with other synthesizers and MIDI equipment. Users can craft Scenes in detail from their computer using the BOSS Tone Studio software for the GM-800, as well as use the GM-800 in a DAW.

Boss has also announced:

  • GK-5 and GK-5B Divided Pickups – The GK-5 (guitar) and GK-5B (bass) are user-installable pickups designed to drive the advanced Serial GK digital interface in the GM-800. They feature a secure, space-saving connection with a lower profile than previous GK products.
  • BGK-15 and BGK-30 Serial GK Cables – The BGK-15 (15 ft./4.5 m) and BGK-30 (30 ft./9 m) cables are specially designed for optimum performance with the GK-5/GK-5B and the Serial GK system.
  • GKC-AD and GKC-DA GK Converters – The GKC-AD and GKC-DA provide easy integration between the new Serial GK system and the analog 13-pin GK interfaces found in earlier guitar synth and modeling products from BOSS and Roland.

Pre-order the GM-800 here for $749.99.

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