BIFFY CLYRO Guitarist Announces Booooom/Blast 2.0 Pedal

Biffy Clyro guitarist Simon Neil has teamed up with guitar tech and Gone Fishing Effects founder Richard Pratt for an all-new distortion-meets-fuzz pedal Booooom/Blast 2.0. The original Booooom/Blast was limited to 200 and sold out pretty quick, so the duo made 200 more under the 2.0 moniker.


The Booooom/Blast 2.0 is two pedals in two – the Booooom being an aggressive germanium diode overdrive and the Blast side being a wild transistor fuzz effect.

“It’s the pedal that I’ve been looking for most of my life. We’ve taken our time to ensure that it’s everything it can be. It’s been a real labor of love,” said Neil.

“The aim was to capture Simon’s sound in a box, so anyone can play guitar and sound like him,” added Pratt. “It was much easier said than done! It’s one of the most transparent loud overdrive pedals on the market. With so many distortion pedals you get loads of fuzz and saturation, but with this the guitar still breathes. You still hear all the notes but with the extra weight and overdrive.”

The 2.0 will be available for pre-order here on November 30 and is expected to go for roughly $400 (£299 in the Biffy Clyro store).

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