BAREKNUCKLE PICKUPS Unveils New Unity Pickup Set For Charity

Bareknuckle Pickups has just unveiled their new Unity humbucker set. The set offers a powerful custom ceramic bridge with a hot Alnico neck, with Bareknuckle noting each are designed for high-gain situations. And while you can check out a demo of each below, the real news here is that Bareknuckle will donate the profits of their sales from these pickups to the Disasters Emergency Committee.


“The original concept behind Unity and the initial limited edition run of Unity 2022 humbucker sets, hand-wound and numbered by Tim Mills, raised over £10K for humanitarian aid. A subsequent limited edition run of Unity T-shirts raised a further £3K.

“Unity pickups will now continue their work ad infinitum, with profits from the sales of these standard Unity humbuckers also going to the Disasters Emergency Committee responding to disasters worldwide, helping to save, protect and rebuild lives through effective humanitarian response.”

The Unity pickups are available here for £131 each, or £252 for the set. The Unity pickups are available in six-, seven-, and eight-string configurations.

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