All The Best Black Friday 2023 Deals On Guitars And Guitar Gear

Black Friday deals are upon us, and we’ve rounded up all the best plug-in deals we could fine! Check out the deals below and shop the entirety of the guitar category right here, and the guitar effects and amps category here.



Blackstar‘s offerings are slim this year, but they are giving you $300 off the Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII 1×12 inch 40-watt Tube Combo Amp. Check that out here.


If you’ve ever had your eye on Boss‘ line of Katata amplifiers and heads, now is a good time to pick one up. The Katana line discounts are anywhere between $50 and $100 on select models, and you can check them all out here.


Catalinbread has a good chunk of their pedal selection for 20% right here, or at least a few bucks shaved off the original price. Now go get that sweet Sabbra Cadabra pedal (and the rest of ’em) here.

Earthquaker Devices

Much like Catalinbread, Earthquaker Devices is offering 20% off their selection of pedals right here. And yes, that includes the ridiculously beefy Sunn O))) pedal.


Most of ESP‘s deals right now are offering three months of free courses from Musicians Institute, but that’s nothing to scoff at – buy yourself a guitar, learn something new, and write a sick song. Or get better shredding. Whatever you gotta do, man. Check out their wide range of offerings here.


EVH has between $100 and $200 off their EVH 5150 Series and EVH Wolfgang Standard models, all of which are available right here. Eddie Van Halen’s talent not included.


Fender quite literally has over 100 guitars on sale right now. From your classic Stratocasters and Telecasters, to the stranger Player Plus series, it’s all going down right here.


Friedman is offering bundle savings on a few of their head and cabinet combos, one of which is the brand new (and violently red) Friedman JEL-20 Jake E. Lee. They’ve also got a 15% off deal on their Friedman BE-Mini 30-watt Head. Check it all out here.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is currently offering $100 off their X-Drive, X-Time, X-Space, and X-Vibe pedals, as well as deals on their IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal Amplifier/Cabinet/Pedal Modeler and the IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal and Capture Bundle. Get ’em here.


JHS is currently offering 25% off all their pedals right now. I mean seriously, there’s 63 pedals available right here for three-fourths the normal price. If you’re trying to be a real Josh Scott about things, here’s your chance.

Line 6

Line 6 is offering between $60 and $120 off their line of Catalyst amplifiers. Plus they’ve got some of Line 6’s multi-effects pedals back in stock. Get those deals here.


Marshall‘s offerings are a little all over the place. From $1,000 off their Marshall JVM410H 100-watt 4-channel Tube Head to a few $500 drops on some cabinetes, it’s well-worth digging through. Check it all out here.


Morley wah pedals and switchers? Yeah, they got ’em and they’re on sale. Go shop that deal here and get your Kirk Hammett on.


What isn’t on sale over in PRS‘ world right now? PRS is offering $100+ (and sometime $200+) off a boatload of their SE models, including $170 off the coveted Silver Sky SE. If there’s ever been a time to get a PRS in your home or studio, this is it. Check out the massive sale here.

Red Witch

20% off a bunch of Red Witch overdrive and distortion pedals? Sign us up. Get ’em here.


Revv is running a 15% off deal on all their pedals right now, including the HM-2 clone wonder dubbed the Northern Mauler. There are also a bunch of distortion and overdrive pedals too, all of which you can check out right here.


Takamine is running the same deal as ESP – buy a guitar, get three months of free courses from Musicians Institute. So if you’re looking for the acoustic equivalent of the exact same deal, get it here.


If you’re looking for something for yourself and for someone else, Taylor has you covered. Taylor is selling their Taylor T5z series at full price, with the deal being that you get a Baby Taylor for $99.99 or a GS Mini Sapele for $199.99 included. Check out those deals here.

Universal Audio

Universal Audio only recently got into the pedal game, but they’ve got damn near their entire offering available for $80 off. Shop that whole deal here.

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio is offering roughly between $30 and $60 off all their pedals, including some of their newer offerings. Go shop that wide-reaching deal here.


If you’ve ever had the deep desire to get weird with your tones – or you just want that Cory Wong compressor real bad – then check out Wampler’s offerings right here. All their pedals are 15% off and they’re definitely worth it.

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