ACORN AMPLIFIERS Unveils Pedal Version Of Josh Homme’s “Secret Weapon”

If you want to sound like Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, you’re going to need a Peavy Decade amplifier. Or you could just grab Acorn Amplifiers’ version of the amplifier in pedal form.


The Acorn Amps Solid State pedal isn’t simply just a premap in a box either, but one that incorporates the TDA series class-AB power amp device that was utilized in the original amp design. Two separate output jacks allow the Solid State to be used as either a preamp in your pedal chain or as a standalone 10 watt amplifier plugged directly to a speaker cab, or even both at the same time. Additionally, a toggle switch lets you select between sending the signal out before or after the power amp circuit for maximum tonal versatility.

Grab one here for $299.

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