A LOT of People Have Picked up Guitar During the Pandemic

The pandemic has really curbed a lot of activities for a lot of people. So as it turns out, a lot of ’em are actually staying indoors and playing guitar! According to Fender CEO Andy Mooney in an interview with CNBC, about 16 million Americans have bought a guitar throughout the past year. “Nearly 2/3 of [new players] were between 16 and 34,” said Moody about the 16 million. “The audience is much more diverse than ever.”


Mooney notes that the demand for guitar has been so insane that people are buying even though prices have gone up roughly 10%. “It’s truly remarkable, the demand that’s out there,” noted Mooney. “People want to use their time at home wisely and invest in activities that they really feel good about.”

“The entire industry is facing the same challenges,” adds Mooney about the unfortunate supply chain shortages. “I’d like to think we’ve managed the issues a little better than some of our competitors. But everybody’s struggling with the same issues.” Mooney pointed out that the 10% hikes were due to supply chain shortages and the unavailability of chips for amplifiers.

Go ahead and join the 16 million Americans and grab a Fender here.

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