64 AUDIO Unveil the MAGPACK Wired Personal Monitor


If you’re a performing musician, the brand 64 Audio might be familiar to you. The Vancouver-based company are most well-known for their custom in-ear monitors, literally taken from moulds of your ears so that they fit perfectly. Pretty futuristic stuff, and 64 Audio is making waves in the monitor industry by doing so. And now they’ve just released their first-ever personal monitor amplifier: the MagPack! It’s got everything you’ll ever need when it comes to personalized monitors when you’re jamming out.

With the idea of simplifying and making a more affordable belt pack for in-ear monitors, 64 Audio have truly accomplished their goals with the introduction of the MagPack. The MagPack could probably be described as a Swiss Army Knife in the world of personal monitor amplifiers, as its fool-proof design and pro-level features make it a great solution to many complicated, expensive belt packs on the market. It features an all-analog circuit design which is built around the audiophile-grade MAX4409 amplifier. This design has ultra-low distortion and <1 ohm output impedance, meaning you’ll have a super clear and noise-free experience.

The MagPack also comes with a MixSaturation feature, which works similarly to a saturator or exciter plugin. Enabling this button breathes new life into your monitor mix, if for some reason you feel it needs a little something extra. Additionally, the MagPack comes with a magnetic “Snag-Free” input connector, which lets the wired connection be unplugged without any damage, if it gets tugged on or tampered with during a live performance. Definitely a lot of attention to detail here, so we have a pretty good feeling about this one once it’s put on the market.

If this sounds like the solution to all your monitoring problems, be sure to keep on the lookout for the MagPack once it’s released this Fall! To learn more about the MagPack and all the other 64 Audio products, hit up their website and Facebook page.

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