5 Reasons Why Heavy Metal is the Best Genre in Music

With a rich history and dozens of musical pioneers, the genre of heavy metal is special in more than one way


When people think of the most popular musical genres, pop, blues, rock n’ roll, and country are often the first couple that spring to mind. Somewhere along the way, heavy metal has been lost in the mix, an underrated class of music that should be given much more attention.

The truth is that most people don’t understand metal, and therefore pair it with different stereotypes and connotations that are inaccurate. While society may perceive the genre and its fans to be a bunch of head-banging screamos, there is actually much more to metal than meets the eye. In this article we outline just a few reasons why this special, long-lived genre is the best that exists.

Metal Has Produced Some Unforgettable Artists in the Music Industry 

Many music fans may not realize the number of well-known artists that have been born out of the heavy metal genre. From Metallica to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold and countless others, a variety of unforgettable metal albums have permeated the world of music over the years, leaving their influence on generations. Although the genre’s beginnings are rooted in 1960’s U.K., metal has enjoyed international fame thanks to musicians like these who successfully spread its sounds throughout the world.

Metal is Great for Different Situations/Moods

Another reason heavy metal is the best music genre is because of its versatility. While some types of music are reserved for certain situations, metal can be enjoyed in various settings and for different purposes. For instance, it’s perfect for listening to while working out to get pumped up and motivated in the gym, but also equally effective as a means of promoting focus and concentration. This can be seen when studying for tests or important exams, as metal allows people to zone in on the task at hand, cutting out unnecessary distractions. In a different way, the genre is also ideal to listen to while playing games in a group. For example, at the physical or virtual poker table during competitions, players may prefer slower paced tunes that don’t demand attention from their listener, but during a poker home game with friends, it works nicely as something interesting to put on in the background. Additionally, on long road trips heavy metal albums entertain everyone in the car and make the time fly by.

Heavy Metal Fans are One of a Kind

Fans of heavy metal are highly loyal to the genre. They attend live performances, don band apparel, and support the artists they love like it’s their job. Because fans of the genre are generally smaller, less mainstream audiences compared with those like pop music or rock, they tend to stick together. This leads nicely into our next point- heavy metal festivals.

There’s nothing quite like watching heavy metal artists perform live at a great concert venue

Metal Concerts/Festivals are Unbelievably Entertaining              

If metal has great fans, it goes without saying that metal concerts are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. From making friends with strangers to crowd surfing and losing your voice in the morning, metal festivals create a unique environment all their own that is not easily forgotten. Some of the most entertaining live shows are metal shows, with musicians giving everything they have to their fans. This is a space where metal lovers can feel free to come together and enjoy the music that makes them feel alive with those that share in their interests. Not to mention that nowadays, thanks to technology, fans can stream live metal performances online instead of commuting to an in-person show.

Most Metal Artists Write Their Own Songs                            

Metal artists are extremely skilled in their craft. Most of them are known for being talented songwriters as well as singers. As such, the lyrics of popular metal songs are varied in depth and context, often giving listeners an insight into some deep story or personal, complex emotion. Needless to say, metal musicians aren’t afraid to leave it all out on the stage.

So, there you have it. Five surefire reasons that support heavy metal’s dominant place in the world of music. Perhaps you have always loved the genre and are interested in starting your own group in the future. If so, check out these helpful tips for starting your own metal band. Who knows, maybe you and your bandmembers could be the next Black Sabbath!

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