THE CROWN REMNANT Claims Their Throne With a Music Video For “From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey)”


I love a good storytelling music video. You don’t get too many of them these days, so it’s always fun when you see one where the plot of the video actually matters. It’s even MORE fun when it’s a band you’ve never heard of and are experiencing for the first time. And that was what happened with this video for The Crown Remnant’s “From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey)”.

Let’s just jump right in: The video is a little cheesy. But, hey, what video isn’t? No fault there, there’s even a certain charm that goes along with it, and it fits the song surprisingly well. And that’s not saying the track is cheesy, cause it’s a banger for sure. The way the vocals are handled is super fresh, there are super big and crushing guitars, lots of melody, and a filthy guitar solo halfway through that totally caught me off guard in a great way. This thing is just a bunch of fun, and the fellas in the band are having a blast in it. If you’ve got a spare minute or five, take a peek.

“From Damnation to Deliverance (The Journey)” comes from The Crown Remnant’s new album The Wicked King pt. 1 and you can find it on the band’s website. And hey, go find them on Facebook, and give them your likes. They only have like 250, which is absolutely ludicrous. Bands like this deserve more. Look, I’ll even help you out. FACEBOOK. See? Don’t even have to type anything.

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  • This is an awesome write-up for an A+ debut music video.

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