KIESEL GUITARS Announce New ZEUS Headless Guitar for NAMM 2018

Kiesel Guitars have just announced their newest guitar model to be released at Winter NAMM 2018, and boy is it a doozie. The all-new “Zeus” model is a headless guitar shape that Jeff and the Kiesel team have post about via their Facebook.


As of right now, not much is known about the Zeus, other than its unique body shape. As you can tell by the video (featuring the absolute monster Sims Cashion), the Zeus seems to have similar components to the existing HH2 Allan Holdsworth Signature and Vader series guitars. In true Kiesel fashion, we assume this new model will have the full customizable options that the rest of the company’s models offer. And with taking on the beautiful headless theme and deep body contours, the Zeus might be the next big thing for up and coming Kiesel Guitar players.

You can see the rest of what Kiesel has to offer on their website and Facebook page.

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