SPIRIT HEALER Take You Back To The Beginning With Their Music Video For “A Memory Of The Ritual”

Hailing all the way from Atlanta, GA, progressive metal band Spirit Healer are getting ready to release their debut album Hollowform on June 28th, 2019. To celebrate the coming tunes, we are pleased to present this official music video for the second single, “A Memory of the Ritual”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Right off the bat, the track hits you with a punishing and complex groove, but not before the clean vocals of singer JT O’Neill come soaring over the whole affair. The song is a great mix of both heavy, djenty sounds and hooky, melodic elements that keep you coming back for more. And as for the video (shot and edited by the talented Zak Waddle at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media), the production is pretty damn cinematic and shows the band jamming their hearts out in their element.

And if those weren’t enough reason to love these dudes, Hollowform is set to be a concept album with a pretty sick storyline. Check out the description below:

“Hollowform is set in the world of “The Surface,” where religious totalitarianism reigns supreme and dissension is inconceivable. The story follows the protagonist “Sym,” who, after the recent passing of his son, struggles to reclaim control over his failing farm, crumbling marriage, and religious identity. Sym unknowingly becomes the pawn of a Goddess who, after the rise of monotheism, is battling to dethrone the dominant God of The Surface. In his struggle to retain his sanity and sense of self, Sym loses all things he holds dear, along with his autonomy.”

As for the gear used in the video, here’s what they’re rockin’:

  • 2 Kiesel Vater Multiscale 8’s
  • 2 Fractal Audio AX8’s
  • Dava Picks
  • Behringer X32 & Audio Technica M2’s (For In Ears)
  • Ibanez SRFF805
  • Darkglass B7K Ultra & Hyper Luminal Compressor
  • Tama Superstar Classic
  • DW 5000 pedal
  • Cymbals: 14” Imperial Pro High Hats, 18” Byzance Traditional Crash, 18” Byzance Dual Crash, 22” Sabian Omni Ride
  • Cympad felts
  • Evans Heads
  • Vic Firth Sticks

Be sure to get your hands on Hollowform here when it drops on June 28th, and don’t forget to follow these dudes on Facebook and Instagram for all kinds of sick future tuneage.

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