PDP Returns With A Massive Jam In This Video For “Soul Devourment”

PDP has been on what seems like an endless hiatus, having heard from them last on their 2011 full-length Mass Delusion. Featuring the 9 string mastery of guitarists Greg Harrison and Josh Seguin (who we featured for his incendiary Aristides Day performance), they’re a powerhouse of progressive metal, and now they’ve returned to the fray with a video for their new song “Soul Devourment”. Peep it here and quiver in fear:


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  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The ship for these guys and this type of music already sailed YEARS AGO…what a horrible fad this Djent crap was. False metal…looks like their lead guitarist took some time away from his Re(Gay) band to bust out some music that doesn’t sound anything different than anything else out there in this genre. Listen to each PDP cd and you will see that these guys ( this “guy” actually, because he writes everything as the band are all hired guns for dive bar gigs) do nothing but try to catch and ride the coat tails of whatever the trend is at the time. All of the other musicians that have been in this band realized this band sucked and left a long time ago and went on to much bigger and greater things, leaving Harrison and his huge ego behind….so why doesn’t this guy take the hint? The new PDP you see in this video that he has recruited were members of a Meshuggah tribute band… can you tell? lol. Those drum tracks are 100% digital drum machine. it is a fact. Anyone who knows anything about music would notice it instantly. Those are the fans that these guys don’t want around. Watch the cymbal hit’s in the video and how off time he is and how he simply doesn’t even try to hit some of them. LMAO….Harrison is a guitar madman…but his band sucks.( not as much as his ego and attitude though) PDP are a bunch of try hard’s and nothing more, the whole metal community here in L.A despises them. Their entire fan base consists of no more than Harrison’s G.I.T guitar students and hangerons. . PDP= Pile Driving Pussies. Fitting

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