CHON Have a Heckin’ Good Time in Music Video for “Waterslide”


Super Smash Bros, a skating pupper and pool party hotties. Is this heaven?

Chon represent all the best parts of instrumental internet-guitar-guy music and contemporary, post-djent, boundary pushing. They write amazing music that’s incredibly intricate, yet at the same time it’s fun and vibey. Plus they just seem like chill guys. And this music video is an absolutely perfect representation of their chill aesthetic.

Far too often hot-shit musicians (especially guitar dudes) take their video treatments way too seriously and need their music videos to be “art” or some kinda jack-off, “watch me”, vanity fest. Not the dudes from Chon though. Having shots of you skateboarding like a greened-out, 13 year old, THPS3 fanboy with a #rarepupper pal is most definitely not taking yourself too seriously. And that kind of approach makes a song and band 1000x more likeable imo.

cheah, mondo brahh

“Waterslide” is the latest single off Chon’s 2nd full-length album, Homey (out June 16th via Sumerian Records). And it sounds like the band have retained and refined all the great thing about their sound with this new record. At least, I assume they haven’t gone and added any thick MESA/Boogie saturation, dumb death-growls or mosh parts in any of the other songs. I guess time will tell though…

If you’ve been slippin’ and aren’t familiar with Chon, go do some homework over at their bandcamp page. Or if your’re already a fan, head over to the Sumerian Records store and pre-order the new album Homey, homie.

Also, they are just about to head out on the road. So, if you’re in USA or Mexico, peep the dates on their Facebook.

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