Mini Gate Pedal Shootout – Mooer Noise Killer, Joyo Gate of Khan, Hotone Skyline Gate, Rocktron Micro Hush – Mini Pedal Madness Pt 5


In the final shootout portion of our Mini Pedal Madness series (there will be several more videos, just no more shootouts), we take a look at the Mooer Noise Killer ($88), the Joyo Gate of Khan ($65), The Hotone Skyline Gate ($89), and the Rocktron Micro Hush ($110). They all pretty much got the job done, and with a little bit of tweaking any one of them could have a place on your pedal board – but only one will wind up on mine. Which one will I choose?

That being said, the Micro Hush is not actually a gate pedal. It’s a noise reduction pedal, which means you could use it in conjunction with a gate, so I might put that on there as well.

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