None of Them Knew They Were Robots as They Drank Their Zima

Wait…. so Zima is still on sale in Japan? And they build robots? That play music?


Okay fine, I guess we’re riding this fever dream, so here’s our itinerary. Z-Machines, Japan’s most refreshing mechanical music ensemble brought to you by Zima, have a guitarist with more fingers than you’ll likely have birthdays, and a drummer with more arms than there are Napalm Death LPs. This is because they are robots. Mechanical people. Brought to you by Zima.

Not that the golems were actually designed by the Crystal Pepsi of fine malt beverages. Engineers at Tokyo University built these terrifying metal men. It’s too bad they didn’t use some of that brilliance literally and light the damn video. I wouldn’t mind getting an actual glimpse of what these robowankers look like.

UK-based electronic music genius Squarepusher wrote an EP for the “metal” band, which will be released on April 8th via Warp Records, and judging by the video below you may actually enjoy listening to it for merit and not just novelty value, unlike cyber-contemporaries Compressorhead. But music aside, the choice between the two bands was already clear.

Source: The Verge

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